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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Poem For Someone Beyond Wonderful

Bits and pieces of this poem came to me as I drove down the breaktakingly beautiful Highway 101 in the last couple of months....

And this morning, the Muses showed up at my door ready to complete the entire poem. So here is a humble offering to someone we all know and love--who holds a very special place in my heart.

For Stephanie

The time has come
To write a poem for you

Words and expression flow from you daily
Evoking smiles, laughter, admiration and wonder
Using your gift to brighten the world
Has always come so naturally
Like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes

I hear your name, and I picture your lovely, wily smile
I read your words, and I can hear you speaking them in your musical voice
So much wisdom and culture and refinement in your young brain
One can’t help but believe in reincarnation…and the lives you might have lived

I think God cut you and I from the same fabric…
Yet we became two vastly different patterns and exquisitely-tailored garments
However different our lives, we feel the kindredness of our unique design
Probably the very thing that brought us together

The Playground brought many things into my life
New friends, new experiences, a romance won and lost, and travels afar
And then there was you…a sweet and sunny little sister who instantly loved me
The little sister I never got to have, full of life and vibrant love for the world

Spontaneous calls in the shopping mall, a cheerleader on my journey west
Quietly enduring your own heartaches and trying to make the best of things
Bravely repairing your asynchronous heart,
Venturing into new territory among new friends
Dancing through life with the passion and vigor of one who will only get one dance

Thank you, bright spirit, for shining your light in my corner of the world
Thank you for bringing your wit, your laughter and your infinite caring

Thank you...for being.


Blogger redpig77 said...

This is a wonderful, easy to read poem Lexie. :hug:

Stephanie is very lucky to have a good friend like you

12:38 PM  
Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said...

Oh my Gosh! I'm so honoured to have you as a sister, Lexie *hug*

7:31 PM  
Blogger David said...

Beauty describing beauty.

7:53 PM  
Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...


Just like the both of you!


4:10 PM  

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