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Monday, February 13, 2006

Hora de bailar

So after five years of saying I wanted to do it, talking about doing it, browsing the classes in the classified section, then talking some more...then not having time to do it, then not having money to do it...I finally just did it.

Thanks to my mom's generous little Christmas gift she slipped into my purse on my way to the airport last December, I had money to take a series of salsa dance classes.

Someone recommended a cute little studio downtown where they teach all kinds of Latin & miscellaneous dances, and the teacher is not only fantastic, but quirky and hilarious, too.

To my surprise, there were more men in the class than women--and many were single, not just dragged there by an eager and insistent wife.

There's no better partner with which to learn, than a man who is a strong leader. Salsa is a complicated enough dance as it is, and the men have to do the hardest work. They have to drive. They have to hold their hand a certain way to let you know which way you'll be turning. They have to start the rhythm going, they must initiate the next steps you'll be doing together.

Go men! You all rock!

I have to say, there are really no words to describe the feeling I get when I hit that point of the steps flowing naturally. In no time, the quick-quick-slow of the salsa becomes just the music, moving my body where it wants...

It feels so thrilling to be able to follow right along with what my partner is doing, to move in perfect synch, be spun around in a complicated series of twirls and then end up eye to eye with him, hand lightly on his shoulder--and he winks and says, "Nice!"

Salsa is such a close, warm, and sensual movement...and a great chance to get all up next to strange (and mostly handsome) men in a totally appropriate and safe way.

And best of's so freeing and wonderful for the body and soul.

So thank you Mom, thank you awesome male leaders in the class, and a BIG thanks to Cuba, where Salsa has most of its origins!


Blogger S.A.M. Tanner said...

I wish I were healthy enough to take classes in Capoeira (Brazilian Dance/Fighting)... I saw a demonstration of it and I think it's amazing.

I hope you have great fun learning Salsa (don't forget Lambada you brazen woman you!)...


5:48 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

sometime in the future, after i get a moderate repreive from mommy hood.

i too will take up dancing. :jumps:

love ya salsa sister. :hug:


9:08 PM  
Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said...

Jennifer Grey, eat your heart out!

9:31 AM  
Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...

Dance is a celebration of the spirit communicated with the body.

12:51 AM  

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