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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Okay...I'm The Kind of Woman Who...

Since a couple of my friends have "tagged" me to do this, and I've kept them waiting for a whole week--I finally decided to sit down, make like Nike and just do it.

This was hard for me, because I guess I just never think of myself in the third person, and keep mental lists about me--I just go out there and BE me. I figure, it's others who think "she's the kind of woman who..." not me. But enough talk. Let's do this...

I'm The Kind of Woman Who...

1. Was most likely put on this earth to love--above all else.

2. Treasures people and relationships (friends and family alike) more than anything in the world.

3. Gets blissed out by music.

4. Is always eager to learn more.

5. Can withstand and survive drastic changes in her life.

6. Loves like Niagara Falls...and stands by her man--focusing on the light in him (sometimes to a fault).

7. Likes a lot of affection, touch, and to be cherished by her man.

8. Loves to explore new cities, geographical areas and nature spots.

9. Feels the presence of God in nature, music, and in the actions and words of people WAY more than in a church.

10. Likes to dress up and celebrate her femininity.

11. Loves to grab life with both hands and truly live...passionately.

12. Tries to practice acceptance as much as possible.

13. Trusts her intuition way more than she ever did before--because it's gotten sharper.

14. Likes to have a vodka martini or nice glass of wine while cooking!

15. Loves the euphoria of physical exercise and staying fit and healthy.

16. Loves the warm feeling of watching someone enjoy something nice you've done for them, said to them, or given them.

17. Loves creativity--be it writing, singing, organizing, or drawing.

Well, that's all I can come up with for now...thanks for reading!


Blogger Melanie said...

yes we love like Niagra don't we? it can be intimidating to some, but what a rush! there is no power greater.

that is quite a description of a beautiful woman!
isn't blogging fun? glad you have joined us. Keep it up!

love you ;-)

10:12 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

oops forgot to say, tsunami of love... the melanie phrase....

10:12 PM  
Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...

I don't just love the kind of woman that you are.

I love you.


8:42 AM  

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