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Friday, June 10, 2005

My New Home

I've had a lot of time on my hands this week. Time I wish were being spent working and bringing in money. But I've started the wheels going, made some contacts, and will have to keep at it until I'm an established massage therapist here.

In the meantime, I'm mustering up all the patience I have left in me, and trying to just be patient and breathe and delight in my new surroundings.Here are some treasures I've found along the way...
~ Cute ground squirrels that live on the cliff by the ocean, that frolic and kiss each other and forage and play hide n seek in the thick ground cover. What a life!
~ A gorgeous stretch of rocky beach within a good hiking distance from my apartment. I've been going there a lot, and can feel my body getting stronger and healthier than ever. The ocean has always been very sacred and powerful in my here it is in my backyard. For that, I am glowing with gratitude!
~ A downtown full of lovely views, cafes, ethnic restaurants, shops, libraries, friendly people, and the promise of free music in parks, farmers markets, gatherings, and community!
~ Dolphins that pop out of the waves every so often, their little fins and arched backs glistening in the sun
~ A refreshing sea breeze that blows constantly, right through my apartment on a hillside
~ A perfect sun, cool air, mostly sunny....
~ Lizards! Yes! There's something I NEVER saw back home...(I love it when they go scampering away at my approach)
~ A wonderful spa that is interested in having me work for them--with wonderful feng shui and aromatherapy in the air
~ Beautiful, Italian-looking mountains keeping watch over me, named after (all of people) my Italian grandfather, Rafael!
~ A tiny neighborhood with everything I need right within walking distance!
~ A weathered old fisherman on the pier who looked my way and secretly told his young nephew/son, "A beautiful fish!" *blush*

I alternately feel a sense of accomplishment and bliss at beginning such a new, bright and exciting life...and fear of not being able to make rent/bills as I get off to a slow start (income wise). But I keep assuring myself that everything will work out. How could it not?And if it doesn't, I guess I could always live with all the other homeless people down by the library--they are the healthiest looking homeless people I've ever seen, and seem happy. (Not trying to be a smartass...they really do)It is so early in this new chapter of my life. The promise of what is yet to come makes butterflies dance in my stomach.I guess that's all for now. I should start reading some other blogs tonight...Ciao!

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Blogger newwavegurly said...

Lexie - You have a spirit that can take you wherever you set your mind to. I think you know that, and those of us that have been lucky enough to have you in our lives know it too. Hang in there, everything is going to fall into place for you. Just takes one piece to start it all...

1:05 PM  
Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...

I tried to call you (I guess I don't have the new number!) as soon as I got back into town!

I want the scoop on all the news and how much you'r loving it.

And, most importantly, when can we get together?!?!?!


9:56 PM  
Blogger jennnn said...

How wonderful! You're doing just great! Thanks for that window into your new world. You are so right about the power of the ocean and the mountains. Enjoy!

12:46 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Ah! You have landed. I have thought of you everday on your journey. Blissful that you have found your dream and followed through with it. Deep sighs of contentment for you!

I long to have the beach at my back door. and someday my dream will come true like yours has. Now to begin my journey. With my little soul in tow.

Enjoy the dolphins. and the rainbows!!!

love you alex. Melanie

9:51 AM  
Blogger redpig77 said...

I am so glad that you are well and that you are enjoying yourself in your new home.

I wish you nothing but excitement and adventure and no doubt that it will happen.

:hug: you are a spirit with grace and kindness all the time.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Jas... said...

Sounds like absolute paradise. Isn't California magnificent? I never want to leave.

2:08 PM  

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